Reinventing the wheel

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Reinventing the wheel

Post  Ap0c on Fri Apr 01, 2011 4:44 pm

The sad story of Ap0c and his quest to be helpful (to himself). So, as posted elsewhere on this empty forum that is mine alone, I have made a windows computer program that lets you sideload apps onto the Atrix/ Android phones. I think its neat, and its a lot easier than using the frikkin command line with adb. However, someone else already thought of it, and made some wonder machine sideloader or something that does that, so I guess I wasted my time. Clearly the guy who did it is pretty l33t and great, and probably programmed it in C in bare win32 api but mine also seems to work just fine and doesn't require being in any special place or needing permissions or .net installed or anything like that and it has an automatic installer to make things even easier. It just works wherever. It's a terrific hack of python, tk, and a phony compiler, and an opensource installer-maker, but to an end user it makes no difference. So... Anyway whatever. I guess the point is I'm not being a tool, I just felt like making something myself, so there. Evil or Very Mad

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