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Post  Ap0c on Wed Apr 06, 2011 12:23 pm

Ok, so I must admit I'm not a software developer in the sense that I have a computer science degree or work in the field. I don't. I like programming (or 'scripting' as 'real' programmers refer to what I do, since I'm not doing bitwise manipulations in C or assembly), hacked around as a kid, and considered a minor in college in computer science but decided to sell my soul to the devil and do [UNSPECIFIED OTHER THINGS] instead. I forgot about it until for some strange reason I got into it again as a diversion while scripting in AGS (adventure game studio), which is C-like, and realized that it was fun. I then stumbled into Python, which I discovered can do almost anything and lets me make programs more sophisticated than I have any right trying to do. I've tried messing around with C and C++ and C# and .net and javascript and other stuff, but it all seemed so much work to do the equivalent of what python could do in just a few lines, so I kept coming back, even for the gui stuff. I began making python programs to help me organize myself, to convert images in batch, to convert pdf files to html files so I could read them on previous non-smart phones, to make map editors and other fun stuff for game making, to convert video, and I realized that people didn't have to know how dumb I was when I was using python, since if the program works, they don't ask questions. So now I've made a sideloader gui program for sideloading apps onto the ATT-locked Android phones and it seems to be relatively popular. It took me a little under a week of evenings hacking to get it working, which is a bit quicker than other projects I've done. My first version, which worked fine for the most part, was downloaded about 50 times in the course of a week and a half or so, but I don't know if anyone was able to use it. Eventually someone helpfully pointed out that Windows 7 was choking and after a little testing I realized that I was trying to write to a config file in the program files directory which was a no-no under current Windows practice. It worked under XP, but not 7 unless you explicitly right-clicked and 'ran as administrator' which ordinary people wouldn't necessarily think to do. They'd just figure the program was crap (they might be right). I googled about, discovered that I was supposed to be saving config crap to an APPDATA path and made the change, recompiled and re-uploaded. The new file was downloaded 25 times in under 24 hours. Whoa. I'm not sure whether it's just more high-profile now, or if people had trouble and re-downloaded, or what, but it was interesting how much quicker its moving. Anyway, I'm thinking about trying to do a video showing how to use it - in addition to my obvious narcissism, I do want to make it as easy as possible for people to sideload, since I have serious philosophical problems with ATTs decision to lock Android down. I'm just a soldier in the robot army. My next challenge is to get into Java programming on Android itself - I have an idea for an app to help control data usage, since we all have F***ing data caps now that we have to stay under. We'll see...

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