List of Ap0cs favorite games for Atrix so far and where to get them

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List of Ap0cs favorite games for Atrix so far and where to get them

Post  Ap0c on Wed Mar 23, 2011 10:35 pm

Well, since I just got my phone about a month ago, I've gotten only a few games, but I'm trying to be selective.

1. Angry Birds, yes, that Angry Birds, is really really good. It's very addictive unfortunately for my productivity. You are basically using a slingshot to lauch various birds (with various special powers) at stationary pigs (the enemy) in a variety of targets. This would be boring, except the game includes a type of physics - things break and fall in realistic-ish ways and its fun to knock things over. To get it, click the Market link, and search for Angry Birds - this is the free version, as its ad supported. It is annoying in certain levels where it covers the screen, but mostly fine. Free is good. What's better is that since I downloaded it, they have added more content twice through updates. Whole new sections and additional levels to existing sections. Pretty nice of them.

2. Fruit Ninja. Yes, that Fruit Ninja, is a perfect game for kids. It's almost stupefying, but it is amusing. I got it from the new Amazon App Store, which is another story in itself, for 99 cents.

3. Angry Birds Rio - This is a free promo from the new Amazon App Store and it is basically a marketing plug for the kids movie 'Rio', but it has more levels, which is fine and great and all that.

I'll add to this list.

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